ATTUNE II - 3 Order Taker Systems
3M? Drive-Thru Headset System G5 - 3 Unit Systems
Installation of Drive-Thru Communications System will be included.
One Year of Unlimited 24/7 Help Desk Support will be included.
3-Year Equipment Exchange Program available at additional cost.
Preformed Loop not included with Drive-Thru Systems, it can be purchased at addtional cost.  Preformed Loop should be in place prior to concrete being poured.
If concrete has been poured or is an existing location, a Saw Cut Loop is needed.  Additional charge for Saw Cut Loop and Installation of Loop.

WX-CC411 - Attune II Single Lane Center Mod  (1 each)
WX-C688 - Cable Kit  (1 each)
WX-CT420 - Attune II Order Taker  (3 each)
WX-CH427 - Attune II Headset  (3 each)
WX-3020Case - Attune OT Case  (3 each)
WX-Z3040 - Attune Battery Charger  (1 each)
WX-B3030 - Attune Battery  (5 each)
WX-CS460 - Low Profile Speaker/Mic  (2 each)

WM-G5CP - 3M G% Control Pod  (3 each)
WM-G5CH8 - 3M G5 Headset Carrier  (3 each)
WM-G5BAT - 3M G5 Battery  (4 each)
WM-G5CS - 3M G5 Charging Station - 10 Port  (1 each)
WM-G5PS - 3M G5 Power Supply-BC/CS  (1 each)
WM-PKT - XT-1 Operator/Install Packet  (1 each)

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National Hours:  7AM - 10PM   Mountain Time

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