Ringing Procedures

CREW Guide (Integrated)
CREW Guide (Non-Integrated)
CREW Guide (Integrated) DriveThru
CREW Guide (EMV) DriveThru
CREW Guide (Non-Integrated) DriveThru

CREW Guide NrGize (Integrated)
CREW Guide NrGize (Non-Integrated)

MGR Guide (Integrated)
MGR Guide (Non-Integrated)
MGR Guide (Integrated) DriveThru
MGR Guide (EMV) DriveThru

MGR Guide NrGize (Integrated)
MGR Guide NrGize (Non-Integrated)

MGR Reference Guide

CREW Guide ATS Integrated
MGR Guide ATS Integrated

CREW Guide Taco Time Drive-Thru

CREW Guide Taco Time Drive-Thru

CREW Guide CSC (Integrated)
CREW Guide CSC (Non-Integrated)

MGR Register CSC (Integrated)


Focus Daily Sales Report Definitions
Focus Online Reporting
Gift Card Cash Control Sheet
Future Orders
House Accounts
Customers & Accounts
PrePaid Customers
Export to Quickbooks
Setting up Time Ranges (Day Parts)

Split Orders
Cash Drawers
Cash Trays
Drops to Safe
Schedules and Grace Periods
OnLine Ordering Guide ATS - Integrated
National Offer List
Focus On-Line Order Refund
CostCo Vouchers
Local Store Discount Procedures - Taco Time Only
Maintenance - Registers:

JS950 Stingray Cleaning Guide
Focus Lite (L3):

L3 MGR Reference Guide
L3 CREW Guide Generic Non-Integrated
L3 CREW Guide Generic Integrated
EMV - Questions and Answers
POS Help Desk:   (877) 811-3811
Open 7 days a week / 363 Days a Year!
National Hours:  7AM - 10PM   Mountain Time

Focus Install Guides

Kahala Self Install Guide for ERC J-19
OLO Herald Guide
Update Tax Rate for 3rd Party
Online Ordering
DSR Report Definitions w/ Loyalty and OLO
PAX Guides
PAX User Guide
FOCUS POS Manual - http://focuspos.com/manual/
Focus Manual - Printable Version
Focus Programming Form
PAX Warranty Status Check

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