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EOD / SOD Issues
Report Balancing Issues
Register Communication
Network Communication
Phone Installation New PC
Phone Installation Re-imaged PC
Manage Virus Expiration
Issue Management
Focus Software
Internet Service
Integrated Credit / Gift Card
Focus PC Shortcut
Thermal Printer
Cash Drawer / Coin Changer / Money Counter
PowerVar / Tripplite
Support Contract
Our Mission...
Supoort you at the highest level of expertise and proficiency with as little disruption as possible to your day-to-day business.
Our Promise...
Be proactive in evaluating, designing and implementing technologies to give you the competitive advantage while minimizing cost to deliver the best value.
Our Expertise...
Drawing from our knowledge, skills and experience, we make the right decision for the problem whether relating to sales, service or technical issues.

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POS Help Desk:   (877) 811-3811
Open 7 days a week / 363 Days a Year!
National Hours:  7AM - 10PM   Mountain Time

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